Special Projects Division

You profit when your manufacturing facility or business is running efficiently and deliver your product/services to customers on time. Maintenance and facility needs that affect production need to be addressed quickly to minimize impact. You need to make decisions quickly and confidently by on boarding an experienced team of planning and construction professionals. Attention and detail to your project is vital to keep your operations running smoothly.

The best way to do this is to identify projects and develop a plan early. Like large commercial construction projects; engaging a team at the beginning maximizes your investment by reducing costly construction changes made as the project progresses. Developing a plan that enhances your current facility and operations produces the best results. For unique and smaller projects, partner with a team you trust and avoid costly “do-overs” or other future corrective action by identifying the best solution that effectively manages project delivery and quality.

Special Project commercial construction services include:

Interior remodeling and renovations

Office build-outs

Maintenance agreement plans

Exterior and internal maintenance

Carpentry and concrete

Special Projects Division

Pre-construction Services

At Quasius Construction we don’t just pour concrete, lay some bricks, and call it a day. We go the extra mile from the beginning design concepts factoring in time, budget, and feasibility. We’ll even help you select a building site if you’re having trouble on your own, or assist with cost/benefit analysis. We also help you avoid financial pitfalls by identifying cost considerations and avoiding unwanted financial surprises. We’re with you every step of the way, beginning to end!

Our Pre-Construction Services:

Site Selection

Construction Review

Cost/Benefit Analysis



Web-Based Plan Distribution

Facility Code Review

Master Planning

Feasibility Analysis

Life Cycle Costing

Conceptual Design Development

Value Engineering


Open Book Approach

Facility Analysis

Sustainable Design

Construction Services

As your vision crystallizes, the anticipation for occupying the new space and realizing your strategic focus builds. Achieve your operational and financial benefits of your new or improved facility by working together with the right team of construction professionals.

The construction process is driven by managing project schedules and work quality. You watch your project progress using various communication and visual tools from project start to completion. The key to delivering a high-quality project and excellent experience is having team of construction professionals that manage your expectations, has problem-solving capabilities and deploys technical expertise throughout your project.

Commercial Construction Services:

Construction Management

General Contracting

Finance Management

Volunteer Coordination Program


Industrial and Millwright Services

Fundraising and Marketing Guidance


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