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Existing Building Assessment

Our building assessment services often come into play when someone is buying a building.  Buying a building, much like hiring a contractor, isn’t something most people do on a regular basis, yet it can be one of the largest investments a company will make, and can have a tremendous lasting impact on the financial success of an organization.  The price you pay for a building, however, is likely only part of the total cost for you to make the building work for your business.  It is highly unlikely that the building you are considering is in move in condition configured exactly how you will need it.  As such, it is exceptionally important that you look before you leap – that you take the necessary steps to insure that there are no skeletons in the closet. 

So, what are the questions you should be asking prior to signing on the dotted line?  Here is a sample from Quasius’ Existing Building and Site Analysis Checklist:


In school, the goal of homework is to give you the knowledge to succeed.  The same is true of Quasius’ Building Assessment Services.  Asking the right questions before you buy will ensure that the building and property you are considering is the right one for you, both operationally and financially.  Don’t wait until after you’ve acquired the property to discover its skeletons in the closet – find out before and use that information in your negotiations.  If you have a great building you no longer need and are selling, you may also want to consider that a building and site analysis might greatly increase the marketability of your building to prospective buyers.